Resident Evil (Netflix Serie)

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Resident Evil (Netflix Serie)

Beitragvon AlbertWesker » So 19. Feb 2017, 13:07


We got word from insiders that Netflix is in the early stages of developing a series based off of the Resident Evil game franchise. We’re hearing that they’re going to stay true to the original games and also that each season will focus solely on each game in the series.

Season 1 will begin with the events of either Resident Evil Zero or Resident Evil 1. It’s possible that Season 1 will be extended to combine both stories into one season. Either way, we’re very interested in seeing this live action incarnation on Netflix.

With the success of the Marvel TV shows developed for Netflix, we’re confident the Resident Evil series is in great hands. Filming is expecting to begin in the spring. Till then, we’ll be waiting patiently to see how the people of Raccoon City and RPD’s finest men and women fare against the spread of the T-Virus. ... exclusive/

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